Upon Approval:

The applicant is given a period of six (6) months from the date of approval (shown on the MM2H Conditional Approval Letter) to obtain MM2H Visa. The duration of MM2H Visa (10 years) is granted subject to the validity period of applicant’s passport.

Applicant and family need to plan a trip to Malaysia for a minimum of 3 working days to complete 3 procedures before MM2H Visa endorsement. However, there may be a delay if the Immigration Department Malaysia’s computer system face glitches due to upgrading and/or make changes.

The 3 Procedures:


Open Fixed Deposit Account with any bank in Malaysia:

The Fixed Deposit placed must be under LIEN for MM2H with auto renewal for 10 years.

Withdrawal for Fixed Deposit must have the prior approval of the MM2H Centre under Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.

Currently bank interest for Fixed Deposit placement is about 3 % per annum.


Perform Medical Checkup:

For MM2H Visa endorsement purposes, applicant and family are required to do the medical checkup as required by Immigration Department of Malaysia.


Purchase Medical Insurance:

There are many types of insurance policies available in Malaysia that you can choose. However, for the MM2H program, applicant only needs to purchase medical insurance and it must be purchased in Malaysia.

The Insurance Premium is payable directly to Insurance Company.

For those above 60, medical insurance is not required with a reject letter from the Insurance Company.