Stage 1:

MM2H application

(Upon Application)

A. Advising with preparation of document

1. Eligibility to apply

2. What are the financial requirements (Upon Application and Upon Approval)

3. How we assist applicant as their agent from stage to stage. Overall Process Flow will be reveal to applicant

4. Advice applicant on information needed, MM2H Programme Incentive / minor advice staying in Malaysia.

B. Advising with preparation of document

1. Provide a detailed checklist to applicant for easy reference of all the documents required for a complete application

2. Provide samples of required documents for applicant as reference

3. Arrange for translation and making certified true copies as required (must attached together with the original copies)

4. Compiling the documents as requested for the application

    C. Acting as the official sponsor. Prepare documents on our part as agent/sponsor  
        D. Submitting the application
E. Email the official receipt of submission to application. As of the date, the procession and approval process will take 90 working days from the submission date of complete application documents. 
 F. Follow-up the status of application until the result is known

Stage 2:

Upon Approval

A. The applicant is given a period of six (6) months from the date of approval (shown on the MM2H Conditional Approval letter) to endorse MM2H Visa from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
B. We will assist to explain to applicant on the remaining procedures that need to complete before the MM2H Visa endorsement.
C. Assist applicant to complete the remaining conditions. Transporting applicant to all places necessary for below 3 procedures:

1. MM2H Medical Check-Up Report

2. Medical Insurance

3. Open Fixed Deposit Account

D. Once the above procedures has completed, we will proceed to obtain the MM2H visa for customer.


Kindly contact us to know about Our Agent Service Fee.

For an application where 50% of the fee is payable at the beginning of the application process (before submission of documents) and the remainder 50 %, will be collected when we take the client to endorse the MM2H Visa.

Our Agent Fee does not include the following costs:

1. Health/ Medical Insurance Policy for each participant

2. Immigration Visa fee payable to the Immigration Department (Social Visit Pass Fee and Multiple Entry Visa)   

3. Journey Performed Visa Fee for each participant

We have and will always endeavour to compile an application to the best standards and chance of success. In the unlikely event if an application fails we will retain MYR 300 for miscellaneous fee and will return the rest of the money to the client. If a client decides to cancel the application by his own volition or cause the application to be cancelled by his action, half-way through the application process and without any fault of ours, we WILL NOT refund the 50% initial payment.

Other Costs and Expenses

In addition to Application Fee, the Applicant shall bear the following costs expenses, which is variable from case to case.

  1. Medical Insurance Policy for each participant

Insurance Premium is depends to the insurance plan purchased by participant

  1. Social Visit Pass Fee for 10 Years  

Approximately MYR 90 per passport per year

  1. Multiple Entry Visa Fee for 10 Years

Approximately MYR 0 – MYR 100 per passport per year (depends which country)

  1. Journey Performed Visa Fee

MYR 500 to MYR 550 per person