Additional Services

We understand that there are many things for a Second Homer to do in order to settle down in Malaysia. We are please to provide you useful information or we can direct you to the specialized organization to fulfill your needs.

Besides assisting in MM2H application, we also provide services and consultation in:

√ House Rental and House Purchase

√ Application for tax exemption for bringing in car or buying a locally imported car

√ Arrangement to bring clients’ personal belongings to Malaysia

√ Application for students’ pass for children of MM2H’s participants who wish to study in Malaysia

√ Application for fixed deposit withdrawal

√ Children Education in Malaysia

√ Renewal of Visa

√ Termination of MM2H Program

√ Insurance Purchase

√ Familiarization Trip

√ Assistance in getting Legal Service

√ Assistance in setting up business company

If you wish to engage us professionally for these services, there shall be a written agreement for the required services.

Would like to get social visit pass to Malaysia? Enquire with us how we can assist you to apply Malaysia My Second Home Program.