Prepare the documents required for the application. You may scan and email the documents for our checking purpose before courier to us in Malaysia. We will guide you in every piece of documents preparation.   

1. Covering Letter. Include information on personal background, intention to join the MM2H Program, financial  capabilities, joining as a single or with family.

2. Resume/CV from Main Applicant, briefly stating work experiences, education background.

3. Four (4) coloured passport size photographs for each person with size (3.5 x 5.0 cm).

4. Certified True Copies of all pages of passport/travel documents of all participants. Certification only on  personal particulars page

5. Certified True Copies of all pages of previous passport if your current passport is less than one year. Certification  only on personal particulars page

6. Certified True Copies of Marriage Certificate (if application with spouse)

7. Certified True Copies of Children’s Birth Certificate ( if application with children)

8. Original Letter of Good Conduct (LGC) from main applicant’s relevant government authorities, police or foreign  affairs department

9. Original/Certified True Copies of Income Slips for latest 3 months

10. For retirees, pensions from Government Approved Fund received for latest of 3 months.

11. Original/Certified True Copies of latest 3 months Bank Statements. The statements must showing balance and  proof your liquid assets as below:

(a) Minimum RM 500,000 (for applicant below 50 years old) in: Saving Account/ Current Account/Fixed Deposits

(b) Minimum RM 350,000 (for applicant above 50 years old) in: Saving Account/ Current Account/Fixed Deposits

12. Original Company Letter ( if employed) stating position, salary and date of employment commencement

13. Evidence of purchasing property in Malaysia over RM 1 million (if requesting approval to make lower fixed  deposit)